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Act now. Lock in this year's tuition rates before July 1st — and save.

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How much could you save by prepaying tuition at today’s rates? See how our prepaid plan can work with you and your numbers.

A starting point

One of the questions parents ask most is: How much do I need to save? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer because saving for college is personal. That’s why it’s good to start with an idea of what your own numbers look like. Our college savings calculator can help guide you when it comes to how much or how long you need to save with our prepaid plan.

What does this mean for you?

You’ve taken the first step, and every step along your path puts you ahead. Now you can breathe a little easier. 

What’s next? Enroll with auto-debit to set and forget it or speak to a financial advisor to come up with a personal strategy. Whatever you contribute gets you closer to your goal. Since you know how much you can save, why not lock in current tuition rates and start saving? 

Let's compare

Traditional Savings Accounts

They’re a good habit but don’t lead to growth over time or offer tax benefits. Contributions to a Private College 529 Plan account are guaranteed to keep pace with tuition and fees at participating schools (on average 3.46% each year) with the same tax benefits as other 529 plans.*


No need to select investment options or worry about the uncertainty of tomorrow’s financial markets. With Private College 529 Plan, you lock in current rates that can be used at any member colleges and universities — no matter how much tuition increases over the years.


Financing college costs with loans may be an option. However, loans are not guaranteed and, with fees and interest, can be costly. Saving now with Private College 529 Plan could mean less borrowing in the future.

*The average increase of tuition and fees for all Private College 529 Plan member colleges between 2010/2011 – 2021

10 minutes could change everything. Start your journey with savings, today.

Act now. Lock in this year's tuition rates before July 1st — and save.