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Meet the Team

Joanne Dashiell

Chief Marketing Officer

Joanne Dashiell has helped tens of thousands of families prepare for college by developing education and outreach programs for audiences of all ages. She served as manager of student and parent education at the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority, followed by six years with the national non-profit organization American Student Assistance. Prior to joining CollegeWell, Joanne was executive director at the Higher Education Assistance Group, a premier financial aid consulting firm.

As an industry expert, Joanne has delivered presentations at national, regional and state conferences and serves as a resource for secondary and post-secondary professionals, providing guidance on financial aid regulations and trends in college enrollment and financing.

Volunteer work:

  • Massachusetts Educational Opportunity Association (MEOA) Board
  • Massachusetts Association of Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) Executive Council
  • New England Educational Opportunity Association (NEOA) Conference Committee
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