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We know affordability is important to you, and it’s critical for so many families making the college decision. That’s the very reason our plan was created. Our purpose-driven collective of private colleges and universities is working to bridge the gap between rising tuition and access to private education.

Membership has its benefits. Partnership has its perks.

As a member of the plan, you expand the value you offer to prospective students via prepaid tuition. You also reap the benefits of broadening your reach through our marketing and educational content as a higher education expert.

  • The only governmentbacked prepaid tuition plan established by private colleges 
  • Increased reach via marketing and searchable school directory  
  • Opportunities to provide expert insight and content 

When you join our network, you’re strengthening your commitment to affordability and helping more students realize the dream of a quality private college education.

Participating in the plan presents families with great options to save thousands on the cost of tuition at some of the country’s best private colleges.

Audrey Smith, VP for Enrollment Emerita, Smith College

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USC wanted to be part of the growing trend of colleges helping families plan and save so that their students may reap the benefits of a private education.

Tom McWhorter, Past Dean of Financial Aid, USC

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Our network is nearly 300 colleges strong and growing with a diverse range of institutions across the nation. We continue to welcome new colleges and universities into the plan, providing even more options to students while elevating private college education. 

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How does Private College 529 Plan help families save for college at participating schools?

Every dollar families contribute to their Private College 529 account purchases Tuition Certificates that can be redeemed to pay for future tuition at any of our participating schools. The amount of tuition they purchase is based on the current rate of tuition at each participating school. The percentage of a year they purchase will vary by school, based on the tuition rates for the academic year in which their certificates are purchased. For example, if Nancy contributes $10,000 to her account for 8-year-old Ben, that equals a third of a year of tuition at College A where current annual tuition is $30,000, and a quarter of a year at College B where current annual tuition is $40,000. No matter how much tuition increases at Colleges A and B, Nancy will always own these percentages of tuition (33.33% at College A and 25% at College B).

Can families use their Tuition Certificates at a college that joins the plan after they purchase their Tuition Certificates?

Yes. Schools that sign up to participate are required to honor Tuition Certificates that were purchased before the school signed on based on the tuition rate charged by that school for the academic year during which the Tuition Certificate was purchased. Participating schools guarantee Tuition Certificates for 30 years from the time of purchase, regardless of whether the school was a participating college at the time the Tuition Certificate was purchased.

Do families need to choose a college when opening their Private College 529 account?

No. Families don’t need to know where their child is going when they open an account. Their prepaid tuition can be used at any current or future participating school, as long as the student is enrolled

How quickly can a family redeem their Tuition Certificate?

Tuition Certificates need to be held for 36 months from the issue date before they can be redeemed to pay for tuition at a participating school. The issue date is the first date during a plan year that a purchase of a Tuition Certificate is made.

Is there a minimum contribution amount for families?

Families can open an account with as little as $25. Contributions to the plan are flexible so they can save in a way that works for them. They can set up monthly, quarterly or annual automatic payments to make it easy or contribute as a lump sum from a tax refund, bonus, inheritance, etc. The plan requires that families contribute a minimum of $500 within the first two years of opening an account; otherwise, we will refund families the purchase amount without interest and the contract will be terminated.

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