Private College 529 is a simple, low-risk, prepaid tuition plan that locks in current rates to save on future tuition. What makes us unique? Saving at nearly 300 private colleges and universities nationwide — all in one plan. Plus, your prepaid tuition is guaranteed by our participating schools for up to 30 years. No other plan has that.

What it is

A 529 plan with guaranteed prepaid tuition at nearly 300 colleges nationwide.

What it does

Lock in today’s tuition. Save on tomorrow’s tuition. Protect against rising tuition.

Why you need it

No fees, no worrying about market ups and downs. Just savings, plain and simple.

10 minutes could change everything. Start your journey with savings, today.

Calculate the costs

How far can your money go? Just plug in your numbers and see.

Run your numbers

Our member colleges

Nearly 300 unique possibilities and one that’s uniquely you.

Choose from hundreds of schools nationwide. City to rural campuses, large to small, liberal arts to science and engineering. Find it all here.


Ornament What if they don’t get in? Or if they don’t end up going to college?

Good thing our plan has the flexibility and options to navigate those bumps in the road.

Why private college?

Private offers so much, like smaller class sizes, diverse communities, and can be surprisingly affordable.

10 minutes could change everything. Start your journey with savings, today.

Plan details

Learn the ins and outs of opening an account, tracking progress, redeeming tuition and more.


Make college savings a family and friends affair with ways to give, gift or contribute.


From tax-deferred growth to deductions and credits — learn all the benefits from Uncle Sam.