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Membership in Private College 529 Plan speaks volumes. It demonstrates your school’s commitment to affordability and, unlike state 529 plans, we're an option you provide. Below are two opportunities for promoting your membership with a variety of turnkey resources.

Anniversary toolkit

Plan and Alumni Match Overview

To mark our 20th anniversary this year, we’re offering a special incentive to your alumni. They can get up to $1,000 when they enroll and save with auto-contributions. This incentive is a great way to help your alumni start saving.

We’re asking colleges to promote our 20th Anniversary Alumni Match through your alumni office. We have a dedicated webpage with eligibility requirements and a toolkit below to help you spread the word.


Alumni Match webpage (link to us)

Use this link with social media, website banners, newsletters and more:


Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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Suggested post (copy/paste)

Did you know <college name> has a prepaid tuition plan called Private College 529? For a limited time, alumni who enroll in the plan and have a child five or younger can get up to $1,000 to jump-start college savings. See if you qualify at


Website banners (download)

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Anniversary seal (download)

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Newsletter content (download)

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Alumni talking points

Why save in the plan

    • Private College 529 is a prepaid tuition plan that’s been around for 20 years, and we’re a participating school.
    • By buying prepaid tuition, you’re locking in current tuition rates.
    • When your child is ready to enroll here (or any college in the plan), no matter how much tuition increases, we guarantee the rate you locked in.
    • The plan protects families from tuition increases and market volatility. Account owners pay no fees, so 100% of contributions go toward the purchase of tuition.

Why save now

    • As an alum of our school, Private College 529 Plan is offering a special match to help you start saving for college.
    • You can get up to $1,000 towards college savings by enrolling in the plan and saving with auto-contributions.
    • Aside from being an alum, you and your child (5 years or younger) need to be new to the plan.
    • This match is limited to the first 300 new accounts. You should enroll soon at


*Not seeing what you need? Email Amy Perry, Marketing Communications Manager, at [email protected] for different sizes or assets.

Everyday toolkit

For colleges already promoting their membership, we can be found under financial tools & resources, early college planning, and student payment options. (Be careful about lumping us in with other savings plans like state 529s. Your membership is special.) Promoting your membership can be as easy as a few sentences – we help provide. Take a look!


Membership badge (download)

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Plan description (copy/paste)

Our [college/university] participates in Private College 529 Plan – a low-risk, prepaid tuition plan that locks in current rates to save on future tuition. We guarantee prepaid tuition through the plan for up to 30 years. To learn more and to see the other participating schools, visit


Plan website (link back to us)

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Direct url:


Top 5 benefits for families (talking points)

  1. It’s not an investment plan, so there’s minimal risk.
  2. Every dollar goes toward prepaid tuition. There are no fees.
  3. No matter what happens with inflation, schools in the plan guarantee prepaid tuition for up to 30 years.
  4. Contributions grow tax-deferred, and withdrawals are tax-free when used for qualified education expenses.
  5. Families have options if their student doesn’t attend a school in the plan.

Download talking points for admissions counselors >

Download talking points for alumni/alumnae >

Download template communication for alum >


Table tent for school fairs (download or request)

When costs come up with prospective families, point to your plan membership with a 5×7 table tent. This downloadable PDF template works with VistaPrint. Or email [email protected] to request one in the mail.