Promoting Your Membership

Who knows about it

Membership in Private College 529 Plan shows your school’s commitment to affordability. And, unlike state 529 plans, it’s a tool you provide to families. But are you acknowledging plan membership on your own website? It's probably time to take another look.

A little extra goes a long way

There are high school students looking at your college who can benefit from prepaid tuition. And your younger legacy families want to start saving now. Let them know you participate in the plan. It can be as simple as a few sentences – we help provide. The lift is easy, start here.

What you need to get started

Choose from the materials below to add the plan to your school’s website.

Mix and match, and if you need something, let us know. Email [email protected].


Membership badge (download)

vertical or horizontal – web quality, png.


Plan description (copy/paste)

Our [college/university] participates in Private College 529 Plan – a low-risk, prepaid tuition plan that locks in current rates to save on future tuition. We guarantee prepaid tuition through the plan for up to 30 years. To learn more and to see the other participating schools, visit


Plan website (link back to us)

Vanity url:
Direct url:


Top 5 benefits for families (talking points)

  1. It’s not an investment plan, so there’s minimal risk.
  2. Every dollar goes toward prepaid tuition. There are no fees.
  3. No matter what happens with inflation, schools in the plan guarantee prepaid tuition for up to 30 years.
  4. Contributions grow tax-deferred, and withdrawals are tax-free when used for qualified education expenses.
  5. Families have options if their student doesn’t attend a school in the plan.

Download talking points for admissions counselors >>


Table tent for school fairs (download or request)

When costs come up with prospective families, literally point to your plan membership with a 5×7 table tent. This downloadable PDF template works with VistaPrint. Or email [email protected] to request one in the mail.


Where to mention us

Do you have a financial tools & resources page? This is where many of your colleagues are highlighting the plan. We also show up under early college planning and student payment options.

Be careful about lumping us with other savings plans like state 529s. Your membership is important and shows a special level of commitment. Not every college can guarantee prepaid tuition – but you can.

10 minutes could change everything. Start your journey with savings, today.